Free From Doughnuts

Gluten and Dairy Free doughnuts are nearly impossible to find. After finding recipes, then adapting, experimenting and creating my own. I have started to make delicious, fluffy, moreish doughnuts. There are a selection of flavours listed below. Although all of the doughnuts are gluten and dairy free (almond milk), not all of the toppings are diary free, so please clarify on ordering.

All orders are to be made at:

Box 6: £15

Box of 12: £30

Orders are currently collection only (on Thursdays and Fridays) and if possible with a weeks notice.

payment is via bank transfer.

So take a look, and create a box of delicious doughnuts that you can indulge in!


After DInner Mint

A perfect doughnut for those who enjoy mint and chocolate. This doughnut is filled with after dinner mint chocolate and topped with a chocolate and peppermint glaze. (option to have topping dairy free)


Strawberry Milkshake

This doughnut is pure childhood. Filled with freeze dried raspberries and topped with a strawberry milkshake glaze with sprinkles. This has to be the most nostalgic for me (contains almond milk, may contain soy)


Salted Caramel (with salted popcorn)

Fancy a cinema treat in doughnut form? Then this is the perfect one for you! coated in a salted caramel sauce and topped with popcorn this is hits the spot for sweet and salty. (glaze contains milk)


Sugar and Spice

The taste of Christmas! This doughnut is coated in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Simple yet delicious!


 Amy's Favourite

This doughnut is my sister's favoutie. This is coated the minute it has been fried, in icing sugar. This leaves a crispy yet powdery coating that is most definitely more-ish.


Chocolate glaze

Filled with yummy chocolatey goodness, topped with a chocolate glaze and topped with sprinkles! (contains almond milk and milk)